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The file data.tab must contain the energy bins \([E^{\prime}_1,E^{\prime}_2]\) for the integrated rate. Its content affects the output of the wimp_dd_rate routine, that returns an array with an event rate prediction for each energy bin defined in data.tab. Each line of the data.tab file corresponds to a different energy bin and can be in different format, as summarized in the Table below.

In particular, if a line contain a single float, wimp_dd_rate will return the differential rate at the corresponding value of the energy and the response functions will not be integrated upon \(E^{\prime}\) (the differential rate can be calculated more efficiently using the diff_rate routine). On the other hand two floats will be interpreted as an interval of visible energy \(E^{\prime}\).

If present, the information following the two floats of an energy bin is used by the mchi_vs_exclusion routine to calculate a 90% C.L. upper bound: in this case a single integer will be interpreted as a measured number of counts with Poissonian fluctuation, two floats as a number of counts with the corresponding Gaussian error. Each line of the data.tab file can have different format (single energy value/energy interval, with/without upper bound information). Bins without upper bound information are neglected by the mchi_vs_exclusion routine.

All the lines in the file that do not match the expected format are ignored with the exception of the first, that is interpreted as a help string of the experiment class.