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This file must contain a valid Python function. The quenching factor \(q_T\) must depend on the nuclear recoil energy \(E_R\) (in keVnr). A different file for the quenching factor of each element in the target can be provided. The file can contain an arbitrary number of functions, the first is loaded as the quenching. Its user-provided help (within '''...''' triple quotation marks) is loaded as a help string of the experiment class.

Naming convention of the quenching files:

 >>> [element.name for element in WD.XENON_1T_2018.target.element] 

The name of the file is: xenon_quenching.py

 >>> [element.name for element in WD.DAMA_LIBRA_2018.target.element] 

The name of the files are: sodium_quenching.py, iodine_quenching.py